My Only Master


Did I love him?
Yes I always have.

We met when I was 14. He was the first man I reacted to physically. At that age I was the same height as I am now, fully developed. A woman with a child’s mind.

I remember the first time we met like it was yesterday…… More on this later.


My Only Master

M is for master

One day when I have time and clarity, I Will sit and purge my past.
For now this blog is my way to workout my current issues. I have to start from scratch. I need a way to release my thoughts and stop sending them to people they effect (most often after a bottle of wine).
I was dead. Not in the stopped breathing and decomposed way. More in the I turned every emotion off. I floating, unfeeling, uncaring from one let down to another.
Until I let him find me again.
He’s gone and I don’t want to die again. I can feel it coming. I’m looking, grabbing for anything to stop it. I need to find a way to keep these emotions he gave me.