Master loved to play games.
He would get the biggest kick out of seeing how far he could push me. All of them were played at a long distance and required a blow by blow account of what I did, how I felt and if there was any reaction by the public around me.

This took place on my morning commute.

The message went like this:

Me: sitting next to a beautifully mixed again girl, I wrapped a small piece of lace around my clit, my legs are crossed, I’m ever so slowly moving my leg up and down thinking of you. To her it looks like I am listening to a good song and possibly about to cry. But it’s pure pleasure.

Master wanted to know why her and how do I feel now.

Me: she was stunning, small and delicate, but had big round eyes, when I looked around she stood out. Physically exhausted, but so aroused.

Mater was happy that I came sitting next to her for him. He was even more happy knowing that if he asked I would have seduced her for him.

Me: yes anything for you

Master said I would do anything and enjoy ever moment of it

Me: yes master

Master asked me if I trembled as I wrote that

Me:I did

He rewarded me by describing how he wanted to follow me on my commute and grab me from behind throw me against a wall, whispering in my ear that he was going to fuck me. Ripping off my clothes and keeping that promise.

This was one of the first of our games and I still get wet just thinking about it.

This is the song that was playing when I came.