As I’ve come to love, I woke up with messages and images. I knew that it would be a busy day for both of us. Then noon hit. Not one day since our first messages has that long past without contact. It was the most horrible feeling, I started to think maybe I did something wrong.

So I texted him- think/feel it say it rule. I said it was over 12 hours since we spoke and I’m not used to how I constantly need him. I was close to tears.

He had over slept went to run errands and for got his phone. Just human error. I’m so used to people not caring that I figured maybe he just lost interest. When I heard his voice it was like a cloud lifting. He explained that if he was upset at me he would tell me and I would know exactly what the punishment was.

Always the optimist(a is very cup half full) it made me (slave and brain) recognize just how much of a slave I am. This is a good thing. I truly need my owner, not want but need.

Due to running around we tried to keep our chats short. It kinda worked.

I went to yoga, no edges, but an amazing amount of pain. I feel into a semi-slave state on the bus home, just enjoying the after effects.

We chatted for a bit. No training. Sir wanted me to remember what a normal night was before him(minus the pre sleep orgasm). Let me tell you with the exception of our phone call it sucked! It felt empty, lonely, bored,like I was just taking up space, existing but not living and feeling.

I finished all of the prep work I wanted to do for his visit. He called and tucked me in. I fell fast asleep, thinking of him.

Just 8 hours left!!
I am such a happy slave


6 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. I love how you termed that: think/feel it say it rule.
    We call it something else, but it sure works well. It has taught me how often I perceive things to be one way, when His view of it is much different!

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