In review-part2

So that Saturday I met my friend in the city with a shopping list. Let me preface this by saying that when I was with ” ex-husband” I was not allowed any sex toys. My shower message and imagination being my only means of release.

So to be shopping once again in a toy store was exhilarating. I had previously acquired a rabbit(a gift from my vanilla friend c) and a hitachi(a gift I gave to myself via the Internet), but that was all that I owned. A and I talked about various items I would like and he would like.
Long story short I returned home no longer feeling the least bit blah with two shopping bags full of items I longed to try.

My blah disappeared due to a good long talk with my brown half and sir.
I remember most about that shopping trip stopping in the middle of the street to enjoy the soft snow and the feeling of support and care sir gave me as I waited for the boat home.

It’s been to long to detail the whole weekend but Sunday was a day spent having edge after edge. It was the day I started to become the pain slut I am still developing into. It was also a day of sir and I connecting and a afternoon of me writing when we were not together on the phone. The posts I wrote that day will never get published as my computer crashed and my backup failed, but it was beneficial.

I remember the feeling of the first time I clamped myself, knowing that was a feeling I not only wanted, but needed. My first touch of real pain/pleasure. The first time sir walked me thru the icing after and had me insert 2 cubes safely (edges removed) into my cunt hole and the noise of delight when they melted and poured out if me. I never want to forget that moment. He was so proud at the speed my body devoured them.

So with 2 days to go I am at near to 400 edges and not one orgasm, wondering if I can make it to 500?


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